Defragment your PC to boost up your computer

Repair disk fragmentation to boost up your PC Performance

What is disk fragmentation?

A condition of your computer system or hard disk, where the files are arranged and saved in an unorganized way is known as fragmentation. In this phenomenon, the file pieces get divided and scatter all around the hard disk. As a result, your disk access becomes slow and affects the quality of your work.

How is it caused?

The fragmentation usually occurs when a disk is frequently used, and files are continuously deleted or modified. The fragmented data get stored in a non-contiguous cluster. These broken files are invisible to the users but can slow down your disk over time. Whenever you open a file, your disk drive will search through the entire PC, to put one particular file together. The process will use up a certain amount of time, and your disk will slow down.

How can I fix disk fragmentation?

Disk fragmentation can be easily fixed by using a defragmenter. A defragmenter can defragment your files and make your system fast again. Therefore, if your disk access is also slowing down, here is how you can pace it up once again.

The steps for defragmenting your hard disk are as follows:

  • Click on the Start button the bottom left corner of your system.
  • Choose Control Panel and wait for the dialogue box to open.
  • Once the dialogue box opens, click on System and Security.
  • From the Administrative Tool option, click on Defragment Your Hard Drive.
  • Then Click on the “Analyze disk” option.
  • On the analysis is done, click on “Defragment disk” option.
  • Close the control panel, once complete.

Is there any quick way to defragment?

You can also download PC Optimizer, for automated defragmentation. It will have scheduled updates for your system. Downloading PC optimizer will keep your system free from all junk files and defragment them.