Features of a PC Optimizer

Features of a PC Optimizer Easy guide to remove junk files instantly

Boosting and modifying features of an operating system can remove unwanted files and folders, and optimize your computer. Therefore, the Features of a PC Optimizer is Registry cleaning. Hence, PC optimizing play a vital role in fixing, cleaning, and speeding up your computer

PC Optimizer is a system that can speed up, clean up and manage your system to run smoothly. Thus, It has a different kind of utilities, and some of them include memory management, system cleaners, memory optimizer, junk file cleaner, privacy protectors, startup manager and many more.

Some of the Features of a PC Optimizer include:


Many new features have been added, and many bugs have been removed to make it only the best for your computer. Furthermore, several improvements have been made in this software, and one of its unique features is its ability to multitask. The software performs several functions like system cleaning and error correcting, without disturbing the user.


The updated versions of the software contain a feature one-click boost Junk and error scan. Moreover, the software acts a virus checker and scans all the documents, files. Sometimes upgrade options are shown to the user. Hence, updated scanning features are always more reliable and efficient in removing malicious files and software. The features are visible to the user, and they can proceed the procedure with just one click. When you run a software update, this PC optimizer will keep a back up of all your data. Therefore, no need to worry about the deleted files in the process.

Virus detection

The new versions of the PC optimiser do a 360-degree virus scanning and help to detect a lot of viruses like spyware, malware and ransomware. These viruses are harmful to your computer. They can corrupt your system and remove all your data. Virus attacks can even get access to personal details and make you bankrupt. PC Optimizer allows your application to monitor suspicious activity and provides an option of undelete. By this option, you can prevent deletion of your vital files.

Registry Cleaning/Defragmentation

Registry defragmentation is a process of defragmenting registry files that have errors in it. It will boost your PC and pace up its speed. You can also create backups of your registry changes within the application. It will delete unwanted cached registries from your system and speed up your computer.