What is File Defragmentation Process?

File Defragmentation Process

File Defragmentation 

Defragmentation is the process of locating all the file fragments of a file and reorganizing them in a contiguous location. This process helps to increase the efficiency of accessing or retrieving the data. The rearrangement of the data can increase your system performance rate. Furthermore, it also decreases the amount of time it takes to locate. As a result, opening a file or and running a program become smooth.

Things to know before you begin file defragmentation process

1-Address the issue of file fragmentation

Before attempting to defrag a file, you need to check if the file is fragmented. Using a file Defragmentation tool helps you get a detailed information about the existing files with its size, file type, location.

2- Store the fragmented file in the best possible location

In order to store all of the fragments of the file in the best possible location, you need to determine how much free space is available. This tool provides you with an estimate of how much free space is available to work with. When you have this information, you can possibly find the best location for the file.

3-Rearrange the fragments in a logical order

Once you have decided where you will place all of the fragmented files, then the system reorganize those files in the most logical order, to increase the proficiency of retrieving data. When this process takes place on your computer, it creates a more efficient processing environment, system stability and improved computer performance.

Why is File Defragmentation essential?

Once you finish the file defragmentation process, you will notice a significant increase in the performance of your computer. As the memory is already organized in a logical manner, only the new files could become fragmented further. So, there will be enough storage space for data. Furthermore, file defragmentation process can create a stable and efficient computing environment and can boost up your computer speed.

If you wish to see increased performance levels of your system, then you should perform file defragmentation operation frequently. Frequently defragmenting frees up large memory spaces by compressing the fragments on your hard drive.