Easy Steps to Increasing Computer Speed Using a PC Optimizer

PC Optimizer

Stacking and storage of many junk files often slow down in your computer. Then increasing the speed of your computer without a PC Optimizer becomes a real battle, and no temporary boosters seem good enough. A lot of sophisticated program and applications are coming into the market. Downloading them on your phone and system makes your system slow. This slow performing system hampers your work in the due course.

Too much of junk files exert too much pressure on the RAM and CPU. Therefore, they take time to load and function. A proper PC Optimiser acts as a virus checker and goes to various parts of your computer. They check for various files that are causing problems in your computer and removes them to make your system work normally again.

This PC optimizer gives you options to auto-tune, optimize, benchmark and stabilize your system. So you won’t be suffering from frequent crashes, and your computer won’t hang often. All these features and function of a PC optimizer makes your computer easy to use and they will not be slow anymore.

These junk files and data usually enter the computer through various online sites, when you browse through the net. While surfing internet the system saves many cookies and cached data in it, without your knowledge. A lot of spam messages, attachments received through emails and notifications is also a major cause that causes a computer to slow down.

Some of the major functions of a PC Optimizer include:

  • To optimize your PC and Internet connection
  • Detecting advanced errors
  • Scanning junk and errors in one click
  • Registry back up and defragmentation
  • Managing start-ups and scheduling scans
  • Removing errors
  • Customizing scan settings

It is an advanced-software, which can hyperdrive your computer speed in minutes. PC Optimizer is equipped with advanced error detection technology that helps to trace all the junk files on your computer and clean them. A good PC Optimizer will ensure that you get the best service and will run your computer at its top speed.

So if you too are sick of your system being super slow and its taking eternity to open various applications, follow some super easy steps to speed up your computer’s operating system.

Clean up the disk

One of the major bugs that cause a system to slow down is its memory. If your system is stacked with many junk files, your system is most likely to decelerate. The system often notifies the users that it is running low on memory. If you keep on ignoring this, there will be a time, when your computer will crash and you won’t be able to access your system. So, always keep your system clean, and free of junk files.

Streamline the start-up protocol

Once your computer gets boost up, it automatically starts running some programs. Therefore, if you do not optimize the start-up protocol, then your computer will automatically start running some unnecessary programs. This will again cause the junk file to get stored on your computer.

Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to check enabled programs running as autoloading and then remove the ones that you do not need. This will not cause unnecessary programs to run in the background. Hence, you will be able to work on your computer without any hassle.

Defragment your computer

When there are many unnecessary files, your hard drive needs defragmentation. Defragmentation is a process that combines all the junk files together and removes them. These junk files are responsible for slowing down your computer.

Many computers have the option of auto-defragmentation. If it is not present, download the PC optimizer app and optimize your system. Once you will do it, your system will be free from all kinds of scrap files.

Run a virus scan

A slow computer is a sign that malicious software might have infected yours. Whether it is via any blacklisted site, spam message, and email, games, or unwanted pop-ups, an antivirus can attack your computer from anywhere. So run a timely virus scan, to make sure that your computer is safe and secured. A regular scanning will remove all kinds of malware from your computer.

A PC Optimizer contains all these above-mentioned features. Therefore, you do not need different types of app to remove files from your computer. If you install one optimizer, it will do all your work with proper precision.

Functions: A detailed insight:

Optimising your PC and Internet connection:

A PC Optimizer optimizes your computer and removes the background running apps. It clears cached files and makes enough space in your computer’s memory. This in turn also strengthens your internet connection and you can surf through different sites without having to wait for the buffering sites.

Detecting advanced errors

System errors are very frequent and lack of proper management causes all kinds of malicious and junk files to get stored on your PC. These PC Optimizers helps to detect these advanced errors (that comes with new updates) and solves different kinds of troubleshooting problems. Tune up, have a regular check of your computers through this PC optimizer and keep them error free.

Scanning junk and removing errors

A Pc optimizer acts as a virus scanner and finds out all the hidden junks that are present inside a computer. They detect and run an auto clean procedure, which maintains the normal functioning of your computer.

Registry back up:

A registry back up is a database of Microsoft that stores that store its configured information in a file called registry. It stores the entire important configuration that can be used during any kind of malfunctioning of the computer. These optimizers help in registry backups and remove unwanted files via the process of defragmentation.

Managing start-ups and scheduling scans

As mentioned earlier, a managed start-up can help you keep a track of your accessed files, programs, and can keep your computer safe. This software along with managing your start-up programs also maintains a scheduled scan. This means your system will go through an automatic scan in scheduled time and make you aware of different kind of threats that your system is most likely to face.

Customised scan setting

Even though this software has auto scan setting, you can even optimize your scan as per your wish. This is very manageable and gives you the best features that can be operated in the simplest way.

What files should you delete?

There are many times when you need to delete all the junk files. However, do you know exactly which one of them to remove? A junk file makes your computer slow and it becomes very difficult to work. However even though there can lot of other reasons for your computer to run slow, but 90% chances are that it is happening because of junk files. Therefore, we are here to help you out, and let you know which files to delete. Read on to find out:

Recycle Bin Files:

Deleting a file from your hard disk does not mean that the file is completely deleted. These files remain stored in recycle bin. If you are deleting a file, and not removing them from recycle bin, then it is of no use. If your bin is overflowing with junk files, your system will remain equally slow. So, clear the recycle bin as well, to increase the speed of your computer.

Hibernation Files:

Whenever you are putting your system into hibernation, you are getting different advantages. You can start your work, right from where you left off. However, it has its disadvantage too. They take up a lot of space, as many programs run in the background. This will make your computer slow over time. So delete all the hibernating files and prevent your computer from becoming slow.

Temporary files

Deleting temporary files is the best way to save space on your computer. Deleting them does not affect your work in any way, and increases the speed of your computer. So delete all the temporary files like search history, cache etc and work smoothly without any problem.

Files in Download Folder

Regularly emptying the files of the download folders is a good way of keeping your computer free from different types of malware and viruses. For example, if you are downloading something for printing purpose, then delete it right after you have finished the work. Clearing downloaded files help to keep your system fast and virus free.

Restoring Junk Files:

It might often happen that you have deleted a file by mistake. You may think that you have deleted from recycle bin it is no longer restorable. However, don’t worry! Technology has the solution for everything even if you have deleted a file, you can restore them through the following techniques.

Accessing beyond the bin

Removing the file from recycle bin does not mean you have deleted it permanently. On the contrary, the system just has disabled it from you access; hence, you cannot access it easily. Technology has made this possible that you can go beyond the recycle bin and restore your files. Though the file registry is gone, the content is somewhere still there in the memory.  Special data rescue software can get you back your deleted files, that you will be able to access again.

Shredding the files for privacy

In case you have deleted all the traces of your files, then instead of restoring it you can shred it or overwrite it if you want. Shredding or rewriting is usually helpful whenever you are repurposing or giving away your computer. It is always safe to go for this option so that nobody can take over your personal and confidential information.

Once a file is deleted, new file information takes its place and its information is overwritten. Therefore, if you want to recover your data from overwriting, you can recover it partially. However, this needs to be done immediately after deletion. Once many files have been stored after that, it is impossible to retrieve the data.

With the advancement in technology, every single household has a computer now. Life has become impossible without these gadgets. Therefore, you need to keep your computer safe and up to date in order to prevent problems in your daily work. Many things can happen with your computer. It might clutter with duplicate files, unnecessary programs, registry keys, cached data, background running apps and many more. If you do not clean or remove them, these files will gradually destroy your data, make your system slow and your system will gradually crash.

Your system contains many important files. If your computer becomes corrupted with junk files and virus, it will become slow, and you won’t be able to work properly.

This junk file does nothing other than filling up your disk and damaging your system. Hence installing a good PC optimizer is very important. With its help, you can regain the speed of your computer and will be safe from different kinds of virus attacks. Various types of virus-like spyware, adware, Trojan, ransomware have affected millions of people across the world, in the past one year. These viruses are very strong and recovering from them is very difficult at times. Prevention is better than cure, and that is exactly what this PC optimizer does. They will regularly clean up your system, and you won’t have to worry about any attacks.

PC Optimizer

The hyperspace has many loopholes and even slightest inconsideration can lead to a loss of huge data. It can even get hold of all your credentials and take away all your money. So be aware and install the best PC Optimiser for your system today.

It will perform all its necessary function and will help you get a top-level PC performance. PC freezing, hanging, site crash and loss of important data will not be a concern anymore.