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10 Best PC Optimizer And Cleaner Software for Windows in 2021

  • 04 June 2018

If you have a brand new PC in your house, it is bound to function smoothly and swiftly. But over time, things like junk files and malware cause an inevitable hindrance. Besides, drivers also begin to become outdated. Also, numerous other problems hamper the speed of the system. Want your computer to perform perfectly? Well, here’s a lowdown on the 10 best PC cleaner and optimizer software for Windows 10 in 2021.

The PC Optimizer

The PC Optimizer for Windows is a performance enhancer and speed booster. Its powerful advanced error detection technology and one-click scanning features make it a superior quality software. It expertly detects and instantly removes all traces of junk files, system and registry errors, corrupt and fragmented files, etc. on your PC. You can scan your whole system, all in a single click with the one-click scanning feature. This reliable PC optimization software with powerful capabilities runs on all Windows OS versions.


CleanMyPC is a Windows PC cleaner that literally stands out when compared to other PC cleaner and optimizer tools. It performs complete scanning of your system and gets rid of each and every log and cache file, which in turn, shoots up the speed of the PC. One of the best windows system optimizers, it permanently reduces unwanted extensions and erases files in a secure manner. It takes good care of your online privacy as well as web privacy, thus making it one of the best PC cleaning software.

Advanced System Optimizer

This is another powerful tool that helps optimize and clean up your Windows system. From eliminating junk files to expertly allocating data, the Advanced System Optimizer does it all. You can also be assured that your computer will not experience issues like sudden crashes and slowdowns. Besides deleting browsing histories plus cookies which may put your privacy in danger, this is one of the best PC optimizer software that acts as the ideal game optimizer enhancing your system’s gaming performance. Many times, we tend to accidentally delete some files. No worries as the backup and recovery feature helps restore those files.

Norton Utilities Premium

Easily one of the best windows system optimizers, Norton Utilities Premium is brilliantly engineered to serve the cleaning and optimization purpose of your Windows PC. Its easy-to-use interface enables the one-click optimization advantage. It has an uninstaller that helps monitor the unnecessary files, folders as well as programs that are of no use to your PC. The smart algorithms help prevent slowdowns and crashes. If you make use of this particular software, your computer will definitely work without any issue for a prolonged period of time.

Razer Cortex

If you are seeking the best free PC optimizer, then Razer Cortex has got to be the obvious choice. It boosts both gaming and system performance. However, it is much more suitable for gaming PCs. Its serviceable system cleaning features, game setting optimization tool and built-in game deal aggregator make it an impressive software option. Moreover, it is also useful for mobile phones as far as finding new and popular games is concerned. Its provision of FPS stats helps immensely in reviewing gaming performance.

Piriform CCleaner

Piriform CCleaner is the best PC optimizer for Windows 10. It cleans every nook and corner of the system which several cleaner apps fail to do. It is not at all complicated to use this software. Also, it is more than handy for freeing up disk space. The free version helps you get rid of temporary files, unwanted cookies as well as browser caches. The additional features of the premium version enable you to schedule cleanup whenever you want and provide real-time protection.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is one Windows PC optimizer software that makes you completely aware of the problems in your PC. It goes a step ahead, and points out the exact problems and also explains what kind of solutions are needed to fix those problems. It carries out a total cleanup of broken registry items, browser cookies and other junk files present on your PC.


AVG PC TuneUp optimizes the PC using revamped sleep mode. Consequently, it leads to the improvement of both the speed and performance of the computer. Its brilliant disk cleaner carries out deep cleaning of the hard drive. With the help of this software, you will not need to take the trouble of manually updating your system.

iolo System Mechanic

This Windows PC cleaner software fixes all the issues of your system and turns it into a PC with an amazing boot time, enhanced and updated drivers, and supremely performing RAM. It is a perfect software as far as detection of unnecessary startup items, increasing the browsing speed multifold, and removing browsing cache and patches are concerned.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

It fixes all the hard drive errors with the help of its dashboard. One of the best tools to clear junk from your system, IObit Advanced SystemCare can also be customized. The customizable feature lets you install programs that you need and discard the unwanted ones. The Auto cleaner feature cleans up all the temporary files, cache and broken registries. Along with that, the unwanted residues of files and folders are also cleared up. So, these were the 10 best PC cleaner and optimizer tools for your Windows PC in 2021. Hope this software list will benefit you immensely. Whether cleaning or speeding up your PC, the optimizer tools stated above will fruitfully serve your purpose.